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It's an app... for your destination

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Mobile app & website <br> for your destination

Mobile app & website
for your destination

Destination App fulfills your need to bring the best of your community to its visitors.

Customise the app with the style of your own brand’s look and feel.
Reach out to and stay connected with visitors without the hassle and costs involved with designing, developing, and maintaining an app or website.

The Destination App platform is easy to use, frequently updated with new features and upgrades, has an intuitive interface, enabling anyone to update content within the app and website. The mobile application is suitable for both iOS and Android devices.

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Some of the best features


Your own city app and website

Quick and easy setup,In just a few steps, get your own branded app

Zero maintenance

Technical maintenance is on us! You don't have to do anything.

Customisable on the fly

Change, adjust and add any content that you desire, which will be immediately visible in the app and website

Affordable pricing model

Unlike developing your own app, involving lots of costs and time, Destination App is ready to launch right away at the fraction of the cost of development.

Compare the costs

Check out how the costs distribute while working with
Destination app VS custom development by any software house

If you do it with DESTINATION APP
Setup : 2 weeks
Development cost: 0 €
Features & updates: Free
Hosting&Servers: 0 €
Maintenance: 0€
Tendering time: No tender necessary
Total cost: 399 - 599€ per month
If you do it with Software House
Setup : 3-5 months
Development: 45 000 € and up
Features & updates: 2 000€ and up per feature
Hosting&Servers: ~150€ per month
Maintenance: 5 000€ and up annually
Tendering time: 3 months and up
Total cost: ~55 000 € first year
= 4 600€ per month

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399€/ mo


599€/ mo


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Custom iOS & Android Apps
Unlimited POI’s
Push Notifications
Coupon system
Admin Panel
Stats highlights
Dedicated web application
Proximity messaging
Rewards system
User generated content collection
Dedicated responsive website with App integration
Premium customer service & training
Custom functionalities

About Us

Destination App is a platform that lets you easily create an app with a website for your destination, city, region.


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