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Our history

We have been working together for quite a while (some of our team members have been working together for over 10 years).

In 2018 we came up with the idea of creating an app that will reward travelers for their on-trip activities.

It took us over a year to build and launch WalkABit – a consumer app that was rewarding users with cashback for using bars, restaurants, clubs or visiting landmarks or buying event tickets.

Thanks to that experience, we’ve learned that we have a powerful tool for destination on our hands. We could define where the tourist flow should follow or which places to avoid. 

At the same time we were contacted by a company that wanted to launch a clone of our app in a narrow vertical. They wanted us to build a custom made solution for their niche.

In the early 2020 we started building the platform for the said client, but we also realized, that more places could find that model useful.

To test the hypothesis, we asked 20 destinations if they would like to have an app for their visitors and what’s the main limiting factor that blocks them from creating one.

It turned out that out of 20 destinations:

  • 3 had the apps already
  • 14 were interested in having the app 
  • 3 were rather interested in using the app if the whole region would be engaged
  • Main limiting factors were:
    • Cost of development and maintenance – too high one time expense for a small destination.
    • Time to market – Development of the app from scratch takes several months at least.
    • Due to high cost, the tendering process becomes necessary which requires engagement
The results confirmed our assumptions, which led us to creating a cheap customizable solution for destinations that want to have own app launched easily and fast, without unnecessary delays at the fraction of the cost of building custom software.

About Us

Destination App is a platform that lets you easily create an app with a website for your destination, city, region.


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