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In general, yes. It’s only up to you if you want to sell it or give it to travelers and local users for free.

We strongly recommend enabling it for free.

There are other ways for you to monetize the platform. We will guide you through them if you wish.

No, the app can become also a source of information and a way to incentivize and activate your local community.

We see a great potential in this functionality. Currently there is possibility to collect pictures from users. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to reward them for it or not.

The mechanism works in a following way:

  • User gets to a landmark or sight marked on map
  • Chooses the marker and clicks on the photo button
  • He can either upload it from his devices’ gallery or take a new one directly from the app.
  • He’s asked for consent for marketing purposes.
  • Once upload and validation is complete and user gets a reward (or not) which can be discount, special offer, gift or cashback.

There are multiple channels that you can launch in the app.

  • You can incentivize financial transactions in your destination (like using restaurant, shopping or buying tickets to tourist attractions), where these establishments will pay you a small fee per each new customer you’ll bring them.
  • You can charge businesses a listing fee
  • You can use advertising (banners)
  • You can charge booking agents a fee per each completed booking that came from your app


Destination App technology (in the meaning of the app and website) is owned by WalkABit Ltd. and we (WalkABit Ltd.) license it to you in a White Label SaaS model. It means that you can use it, brand it as your own technology until licensing period ends (until you pay your subscription).

Any data that you input, will be owned by you and you can remove it from the servers at any time, however if you agree for us to help you with the promotion of your destination, you will grant us a license to share the data with our partners.

Any data that users add is owned by users but they grant you a license to use it in your marketing materials. Before submitting any content, user is asked for consent if he agrees that you can use his content in your materials.

Pricing & Support

Well.. it depends.

  • If you would like to launch a few apps and websites, we can come up with some tailor made offer.
  • If you’re a travel marketing agency, we’re happy to invite you to our partner program, where you will get discounts for your clients.
  • If you would like to launch just one app+website, we believe that our pricing is more than fair. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our software development and we deliver it to you at the small fraction of that cost. If you would like some software development company to develop a similar platform for you, it would cost at least 10 times more (even in a long run).

Setup process

It’s really simple.

  1. Once we sign the agreement, we’re starting to develop your platform.
  2. We will need just couple of things from you
    • You will need to get a domain that will be the address of your dedicated website.
    • You will need to come up with a name for your app.
    • We will need to get your city/region/organization logo and preferred colors
    • We will discuss with you what functionalities you would like to implement in the beginning (you can add more later)
  3. Then we get to work and setup the administration panel for you.
  4. After that we will show you how to use it and add content to it.
  5. At the same time we will be setting up a website and app for you.
  6. Once this is done, we will open accounts in Apple App Store & Google Play for you and submit the apps for review.
  7. Once the apps are reviewed by Apple/Google teams, we’re good to go!

In total, the whole process takes roughly 2 weeks, but it depends on how fast Google and Apple will do the review and how many graphic design iterations will be necessary.

No, you don’t need to have a designer, we will design it according to your suggestions, color palette and requirements, although you may want to add some photos or images from your destination later on but it’s easy and straightforward (we’ll show you how).

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Destination App is a platform that lets you easily create an app with a website for your destination, city, region.


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